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81% of employees' suffer from ongoing pain and don't receive the care
they need.

Chronic pain is often treated with acute pain treatments including physical therapy, pain medication and surgeries - but these aren't always the best option.

Pain relief made simple

We digitise proven chronic pain therapies and foster long-term habits. Delivering population pain management.

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" I've been looking for a format like this for years. My mood is much more optimistic and my pain is no longer dominating the agenda"

Jules, 33 pilot user

altern pilot user


More likely to suffer from depression or anxiety


Work days lost to chronic

pain in 2021


Per employee lost


altern delivers evidence based non-drug therapies that help people identify an effective approach to manage their pain and build life changing habits.

altern health is built for lasting care

Personalised effective tools 
altern's evidence based tools are personalised, making sure people receive relevant care whenever they need.


Support whenever you need 
altern's trained health coaches are on hand to help plan pain management, coach and reassure.

Help us build the future of
pain management

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Build impactful habits
Making people feel good and in control of their pain health with adaptive management. 

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